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Oil Equipment Maintenance
Manpower Supply
Oil Well Equipment Supply


Base Cleaning, Plumbing and Painting
Electrical Reparation
Base Security and Safety Control Guards


Supervision of Projects
On-site Installation and Construction
Further Reparation and Maintenance


Warehouse Supervisors
Professional Inventory Analysis
Stock Clerks


Administrative Clerks
Coordination of Supportive services
Facility Supervision


Catering Staff
Hiring, Training and Supervision of cooks
Monitoring of food quality and service


Mechanics, Electricians, and Fuel Clerks
Drivers for all needed vehicles Forklifts, cranes, and related machinery


Vehicle Rentals
Bus Rentals
Personal and Business Transportation

Inspection Services

The new OSCO Inspection department is now fully equipped and running.

Additional services are now being added to satisfy customer requests and needs.

OSCO Algeria can already perform all of the following services with certified personnel following API – RP7G, Spec
7, RP 5A5, 5CT. DS1, BS & NSL standards.

OSCO inspection is a full Service inspection company providing both field and laboratory inspection services. Our services include a full range of NDT methods, physical testing, quality control and quality assurance functions. The quality of our services is decisive significance for our competitive companies, each employee bears a part of the responsibility for improvement of our quality service and development of our company.

List of Services:

  • Inspection and quality control | Consulting activities in welding and NDT (Nondestructive testing).
  • Lifting equipment inspection testing and re-certificate | Drilling rig inspection according to API-4G.
  • Tubular and drilling tools inspection | Full-length dual function electromagnetic Inspection (EMI) | Hoisting equipment inspection.
  • Ultrasonic inspection of high stress Areas and tube upsets | Full-length ultrasonic inspection.
  • Field repair of thread and shoulder | BHA & Drill Pipe inspection according to API RP 7G and DS-1 latest edition.
  • Pressure Testing and Gauge calibration | Calibration and Verification of Measuring Instruments.
  • Drill Pipe & HW. Drill Pipe Straightness | Sand blasting service.
  • Tubing & casing inspection.

Inspection Clients

Inspection Institute by 3I

Over the years INTERNATIONAL INSPECTION INSTITUTE (3I) has delivered many different courses. Today, (3I) is the leading Algerian-based international provider of health, safety, environmental, quality management, training and certification. The expertise in QHSE developed over the last 30 years of our team’s experience allows us to work with organizations, providing auditing, certification services and innovative.

NDT Training

  • Visual inspection (VT) level I and II
  • Magnetic particle (MT) level I and II
  • Liquid dye Penetrant (PT) level I and II
  • Ultrasonic inspection (UT) level I and II
  • Eddy current inspection (ET) level I and II
  • Radiography (RT) level I and II

Drill Pipe | BHA & Fishing Equipment Training

  • Hoisting equipment inspection course & Training.
  • Qualifying personnel and certification to API RP 7G-2 and DS-1.

Laboratory Courses

  • Pressure Testing and Gauge calibration course.
  • Calibration and Verification of Measuring Instruments.

Company Certification Support

  • Assist companies and manufacturers in developing their own specifications and quality manuals for inspection and testing of materials.
  • Consulting services in selection of inspection equipment and testing materials.
  • Training, qualification and certification of company’s NDT.
  • Establishing company’ s written practice in accordance with SNT-TC-1A and/or API RP 5A5.
  • Establishing NDT procedures (RT, UT, MT, PT, ET and VT) according to ASME code / AWS D1.1 and tubular inspection standard operating procedures.
  • Reviewing of NDT equipment calibration procedures.
  • Quality management system (ISO 9001-2015).

HSE Courses

  • Authorized Gas Tester
  • Banksman Slinger/lifting
  • Basic First Aid “LSP/AED/CPR”
  • Confined Space Entry & Rescue
  • Fire Fighting awareness
  • Fireteam leader
  • Fireteam member
  • Defensive Driving
  • Forklift operator
  • Crane operator
  • Hazard recognition program “HERO”/Stop work authority
  • Hazardous area – Electric, Journey management “JMP”
  • Manual Handling – Global, Mobile Elevated Work Platform
  • Work permit system “PTW”
  • Lockout tag-out system “LOTO”
  • Rams user maintenance report
  • Rescue at Height training
  • Rig induction (get familiar) / Right start
  • Oracle awareness,
  • HAZCOM Program (hazard communication)
  • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) Management
  • Working at height awareness man riding
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
  • Noise Safety, Power & Hand Tools
  • Hazard Categories
  • HACCP, Safe use of non-electrical tools.

About Us


To grow and expand our services locally and internationally, with the necessity of meeting the environmental and security challenges associated with the industry.


To sustainably provide the companies’ partners with the high-quality services, labor, and relationships. Osco aims to improve and expand its services while maintaining and refining service quality.


Established in 1990, in the southern region of Algeria at the city of Hassi Messaoud, Osco was founded in response to the Algerian government signing bilateral investment treaties that offered protection and promotion of foreign investments, specifically in the oil and gas industries. Osco focused on the labor-management niche, meeting the needs of the increased labor demand. Osco made sure to employ experienced staff to offer better and more efficient services. One of OSCO’s main objectives were to create and strengthen relationships and partnerships with newly admitted foreign companies.

Oil Services Clients

QHSE Management System

OSCO is dedicated to providing services and products that meet the
expectations of our external providers in accordance with our quality
management system, the ISO 9001 v 2015 standard, and our QHSE
component by sustainably controlling aspects related to professional
risks within the company according to our activities

OSCO anticipated these external constraints and adapted to the
requirements of its environment. The sharing of QHSE values and
cultures will also allow us to ensure the satisfaction of the customer’s
requirements and the staff’s application of knowledge in the field of
modern secure management, to promote the profitability of our

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What Our clients say
During the work period, OSCO, by following Shell standards, with professional attitude performed a good job and answered all our needs.
For several years Conoco-Philips has been using OSCO in providing qualified personnel and gardeners. This company with its good team performed a good job, and answered our requests with professional attitude.
On behalf of the entire team of YILONG Beiging Hengye, I would like to express our sincere admiration for the efforts put by you in the workplace during the inspection of drill pipes, drill collars and various safety and lifting equipment. We really appreciate the good job, cooperation and coordination with our team, which gives us a positive impression toward you and your company. Thank you again for all your contributions.
Beijin Yilong
For several years Anadarko Algeria Corporation (AAC) has beenusing OSCO's services in providing qualified personnel. This company with its good team performed a good job and answered our requests with professional attitude, promptness, and willingness. We highly recommend OSCO's services to other oil companies.
We certify that OSCO service company has performed these following obligations: Pressure test maintenance and certification of Plug valve, Chiksan, Swivel, Stuffing box and B.O.P. OSCO Service Company has properly fulfilled these obligations in the rules of the art with all the quality and speed required by the profession.
We certify that Eurl OSCO service company has performed these following obligations: - Pressure test maintenance and certification of sand filer, process trailer and utility trailer. OSCO has properly fulfilled these obligations in the rules of the art with all the quality and speed required by the profession.