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Oil Well Services

Oil Equipment Maintenance
Manpower Supply
Oil Well Equipment Supply

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Base Maintenance and supervision

Base Cleaning, Plumbing and Painting
Electrical Reparation
Base Security and Safety Control Guards

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Electrical Installations and Maintenance

Supervision of Projects
On-site Installation and Construction
Further Reparation and Maintenance

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Materials Supervision

Warehouse Supervisors
Professional Inventory Analysis
Stock Clerks

Administrative Services

Administrative Clerks
Coordination of Supportive services
Facility Supervision

Catering Services

Catering Staff
Hiring, Training and Supervision of cooks
Monitoring of food quality and service

Vehicle Park Maintenance

Mechanics, Electricians, and Fuel Clerks
Drivers for all needed vehicles
Forklifts, cranes, and related machinery

Personal Transportation

Vehicle Rentals
Bus Rentals
Personal and Business Transportation


Vision: “To grow and expand our services locally and internationally, with the necessity of meeting the environmental and security challenges associated with the industry.”
Mission: “To sustainably provide the companies’ partners with the high-quality services, labor, and relationships. Osco aims to improve and expand its services while maintaining and refining service quality.”
OSCO History

Established in 1990, in the southern region of Algeria at the city of Hassi Messaoud, Osco was founded in response to the Algerian government signing bilateral investment treaties that offered protection and promotion of foreign investments, specifically in the oil and gas industries. Osco focused on the labor-management niche, meeting the needs of the increased labor demand. Osco made sure to employ experienced staff to offer better and more efficient services. One of OSCO’s main objectives were to create and strengthen relationships and partnerships with newly admitted foreign companies.

Quality Policy

OSCO operates in a constantly changing environment. Customers are more demanding, competition is tough. OSCO anticipated these external constraints and adapted to the requirements of its environment. In this context, OSCO has decided to implement a Quality Management system according to the standard ISO 9001 version 2015 and have it certified.

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